Foundation House is a new, intentional shared workspace located in Toronto 


Drawing on the many excellent examples of shared work environments, Foundation House is both a work space and convening hub for Canada’s philanthropic and not-for-profit community. The residents of Foundation House represents 10 engaged and passionate organizations that want to change the way the Canadian philanthropic and not-for-profit sectors work together.  


It’s been an interesting journey that started with a casual conversation in an airport that brings us to the reality of what today is Foundation House.


Here is a list of the Foundation House tenants, otherwise affectionately referred to as 'roomies'.


These are the early stages and the measures of success are under development.

In the short term (2016) the focus is on taking time to create the underpinning for a unique Foundation House culture. All staff are learning more about the work of their Foundation House colleagues and have started to identify ways they can work, plan and create together. As collaborative work processes and activities emerge they will be recognized and shared as best practises. There is also an effort to understand how to share what has been learned in establishing the Foundation House. Those details have been captured in the Foundation House Case Study available.


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